Proxy Site to Unblock Facebook Youtube & More

Using a proxy site protects your privacy online - we encrypt all the traffic and do not keep logs - stops other checking on you.

We have a fast network so speed will not be a problem when you are on say

Wherever you are in the world you can access this site and access your favorite websites using

How this works is if you are using our site you are not accessing your blocked site - you are accessing OUR proxy which is doing the accessing.

What site you are accessing with our unblock proxy is not our business nor anybody elses - using this site nobody will know where you have been.

How to use this site?

Just go to the Enter URL, key in the website you wish yo visit and hit Enter after clicking on the I am not a robot field.

Unblock Proxy Software

The software is constantly being updated as your favorite websites update their software. If you notice something not working - please use the contact form.